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We Build Homes and Relationships

As we celebrate more than 40 years in business, Pastore Custom Builders remains dedicated to pushing the envelope in the world of Custom Home building.

We continue to evolve, adapt, and innovate to meet the changing needs and desires of our clients, ensuring that our legacy of excellence endures for generations to come.


With four decades of experience in the industry, Pastore Custom Builders has a long list of successful projects that showcase our expertise. We have earned numerous awards and accolades for our contributions to the custom home building sector, as well as the enduring trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Let us build for you, and make your dreams come true!

Barbados Model

Portofino Model

St Marten Model

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St Thomas Model

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Model Center

Construction Office

12242 Elgin Blvd

Spring Hill, FL 34609

5170 Mariner Blvd

Spring Hill, FL 34609

Model Center | 352-683-3363 

Construction Office | 352-683-5682

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